Corfu Mediterranean Festival 2023




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6-10 SEP 2023



Events at a glance

Main Events

Official Opening Ceremony, International Scientific Conference, Economic Forum, Parade of music and dance groups, First official performance of the Festival Anthem

Events and exhibitions all over Corfu.
Dance and cultural events in Central and  Noth Corfu 
Scientific Lecture in South Corfu

Events and exhibitions both in Central and North Corfu 

Events and exhibitions both in Central and North Corfu 

Closing ceremony,
Music and Dance in Corfu Town
Live Music Concert and Greek Night party 

A few words from the organizers


The Mediterranean Sea is a timeless reference point for all the people who live around it, are affected by its aura and travel through it. It has shaped the traditions, habits, customs, gastronomy, music and dance patterns of the peoples surrounding it, and has influenced and continues to influence the cultures of other peoples to this day.

CIOFF®, official partner of UNESCO with 53 years of experience in promoting cultural heritage and experience in organizing international festivals, through the CIOFF® South European Sector, the National Section CIOFF® Greece and the Co-organizers Ionian University and Educational – Cultural Association of Sinies Corfu, present to the public the richness of the living traditions of the Mediterranean, with the International CIOFF® Festival of Mediterranean Cultures, Corfu, 6-10 September 2023.

Let’s celebrate together our common Mediterranean culture in Corfu in a five-day event filled with dance, music, folk arts, events, costumes, conferences and other activities, interacting on the occasion of intangible cultural heritage and with the aim of coexistence, friendship and mutual understanding!

Kostas Ioannidis
President, National Section CIOFF® Greece

Music and dance are cultural phenomena, they constitute cultural identities and manifestations of the intangible cultural heritage of the people or society, which gave birth to them and maintains them in a perpetual space and time.

The Mediterranean Sea, since antiquity, has been a cradle of cultural influences and exchanges, with music and dance as fields of osmosis. In such a cradle, where peoples with different cultural origins and development speeds coexist (Europe, Africa, Asia), the study and highlighting of the cultural diversity of each people, and at the same time the common code of expression through music and dance, create the conditions for peace, understanding, respect for the “other” and contribute to the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of each people, establishing prospects for improvement for this coexistence.

The UNESCO convention and its accredited partner CIOFF® creatively highlight the music, dance and folk arts of the peoples, defending their uniqueness and coexistence.

We are looking forward to welcoming all of you at the International Festival CIOFF® of Mediterranean Cultures, and at the International Conference of the Ionian University, in the beautiful island of Corfu, in order to celebrate this great Mediterranean Festival together!

Dr Renata Dalianoudi

Associate Professor of Musicology, Ethnomusicology & Folklore
Dpt of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University
Scientific Representative of Ionian University
for the International Festival CIOFF® 2023

It is beyond doubt that the Mediterranean Civilizations owe their existence to the Mediterranean Sea. It was the Mediterranean that allowed man to objectify and realise his travel instinct, to be inspired by its aura and colour, to form traditions and habits.

In its 40 years of active participation in the cultural events of the area, the Educational and Cultural Association of Sinies, in collaboration with the National Section of CIOFF® Greece and the Ionian University, has the honor to present for the first time such a brilliant event as the International CIOFF® Festival of Mediterranean Cultures.

May the events that follow be another occasion to highlight the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean through the promotion of the uniformity but also the diversity of its peoples.

Yannis Garnelis

President of the Cultural Association of Sinies-Corfu
Treasurer of CIOFF® South Europe Sector


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The Greek National Section of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts – CIOFF®, official partner of UNESCO, the Ionian University and the Educational & Cultural Association of Sinies – Corfu (Member of CIOFF® Greece) organize the International CIOFF® Festival of Mediterranean Cultures, in Corfu, 6-10 September 2023

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Under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou
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